Emmanuel Chambon

Control Systems Engineer & Amateur Sailor

Globe 5.80

Last page modification: 2021/09/17.

About the project

Globe 5.80 is an ocean and offshore capable class of sailboat designed by Janusz Maderski and featured by Don McIntyre – the organizer of the 2018 Golden Globe Challenge – to participate in stunning challenges: a transatlantic race and even a race around the world are planned. Official project website is available here.

The boat itself is 5.80 meters long and the plans can be purchased for amateur building.

My personal objective is to be able to build this boat myself, which I would consider a great achievement already. Then I plan to train gradually to be able to cross the Channel by myself and why not to participate in a future transtlantic race of the class.

As of the last edition of this page, I have received the plans from Poland via postal service! If I manage to build this ship, my hull number will be #151. I am still working on the name though but no rush about that on the short term!

Construction blog

I have not started the building of my #151 hull. I first need enough space to start the process, which should be possible in the foreseable future (new professional plans). I am still considering both options of either buying a kit or getting the plywood myself from a trustworthy provider.